Going Local is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • 1 - Create your postcardor flyer.
  • 2 - Choose your neighborhoods.
  • 3 - Let us take care of the rest.


Retail or BMEU? Which One is Right for You?

A Direct Mail Partner of the USPS, EDDM2Go sends all Every Door Direct Mail® mailings to a BMEU and completes the paperwork for you.

EDDM2Go Makes the Decision Easy

When it comes to mailing your campaign, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) program has two different options for submitting your geographic mail campaign: EDDM® - Retail and BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit).

EDDM® - Retail is designed for businesses that want to send out 200 to 5,000 pieces mail pieces per day and are willing to take their campaign to the local post office that serves the target area.

EDDM® - BMEU is typically for businesses that want to do larger mailings. Mail is submitted to the BMEU and then sent to the local post office. Some vendors (such as EDDM2Go) that offer the BMEU service will also prepare the postal documentation for you.

Key Characteristics of EDDM® Options

Every Door Direct Mail® – Retail Every Door Direct Mail® – BMEU
  • Designed for
    businesses who want to
    send out less than 5,000
    mail pieces per day
  • Mail pieces must weigh
    3.3 ounces or less
  • Doesn’t require a postal
  • Mail pieces must be
    dropped off at the post
    office that serves your
    target neighborhoods
  • Typically designed for
    businesses that want to
    do larger mailings (more
    than 5,000) per day
  • Requires a mailing
  • Mail pieces must be
    submitted at a Business
    Mail Entry Unit (BMEU)

How EDDM2Go Can Help

If you are planning to carry out an EDDM® campaign on your own, you’re probably more likely to choose EDDM® Retail. It’s a convenient, affordable way to quickly initiate a geo-targeted direct marketing campaign.

However, at EDDM2Go, we make the process even simpler. A Direct Mail Partner of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), we submit all EDDM® mailings (regardless of quantity) to a BMEU. Not only is it cost-effective, it’s also:

More efficient. Your campaign can reach your recipients faster — in 10 days or less* from the time the order is placed.

Trackable. Because we ship your mailing from the BMEU to the DDU (destination delivery unit) via Priority Mail, this method also provides us with a way to track your mailing to verify what day it was entered into the mail stream.

Count on EDDM2Go to be your one-stop-service for complete, turnkey EDDM® campaigns. As part of our all-inclusive approach to EDDM®, we also take care of all of the paperwork, the mailing permits, and the bundling — ensuring that all mailings are processed and sent quickly, without any added expense or headaches for our customers.

*EDDM2Go prints, processes and mails all orders to the local post office within five days. The average time it takes the USPS® to deliver your mailing is five days or less.